Take a look at what I offer. If your need is not on my list below though, don't be afraid to message me and let me know what you wish for me to capture for you. There is no limit on your dreams.



Your big day is special and it deserves all the attention. It deserves to be captured with love and passion. I can promise you a professional attitude alongside of genuine interest. I understand how important all those moments during your wedding day are for you and I will make sure to capture them all.

Let's meet and discuss all that you are expecting from your big day, I will help you to remember all that was so dear to you on that day.




Whether it is couples portraits or individual portraits, I would love to take pictures of you. With me behind the camera, you don't have to be nervous or feel awkward. I am more into candid photos anyway. Nothing staged or uncomfortable. Just bring your smile and we will make it work!

I do not offer studio photos. 




Do you have something else in mind? It can be a birthday party, a baby shower, a bachelorette party, opening of your new café ... whatever it is, let me know and we will meet to discuss details!




Contact me for pricing details. You can use the form in "Contact" section.

From experience I know though that one size doesn't fit all so be sure that I am open to discuss your budget options and together we will find a solution :-)